Our Forensic Care Service

We will work in collaboration with, and under the direct support and guidance of, Community Forensic support Professionals, Psychiatric Units and Probationary System Staff. We offer Care with a definitive focus on meeting identified needs, to establish a therapeutic relationship with the Person, Family , and associated Professions. Inspired Care provide a consistent Staff team who are trained with the specific skill base necessary to deliver a package which is “Outcomes Based” .

Our method of Care and Support  is truly Person Centred , but with  inbuilt Safe Guarding Strategies for all  by adhering  to any Orders or Community restrictions required by the Judicial /Probationary Services.   Services are  available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, including all Holidays and Weekends, providing an innovative approach  to ensure responsiveness  to a Person’s change in need, due to complexities of their  Mental Health and, or, Forensic diagnosis.

Aims of our “Inspired Team” 

  • Enable a Person to remain at home, or be cared for in their place of preference, with continuity of Care.
  • Offer  consistency and continuity for People who have histories or experiencing difficulties managing change, to provide a safe, structured, homely environment.
  • Enable appropriate “step down “or staged discharge from a secure hospital setting with enhanced support post- discharge, attendance at  MAPPA Meetings etc.
  • An alternative solution to traditional models of Care Services by being responsive to short-term crisis intervention, and  initiate behaviour management .
  • To enable people to reach their optimum level of independence through direct, respectful supervision and evaluation of Individual Care Plans to ensure Customer satisfaction.
  • Specialising in the care, support and recovery of Adults, over the age of 18, with a history of Mental Health  and challenging behaviour that may have, or be at risk of, coming to the attention of the Criminal Justice Agencies.
  • Reducing the need for “establishment “ long term care packages, by introducing innovative flexible Support and Care.

Support Provided:

  • Encourage a community presence where appropriate, and to have the level of personal contact with friends and family  wished for.
  • Collaborative working with the  Person’s Social /Psychiatric Supervisors to benefit the Person, by periodic review of needs and Services with their full participation and consultation.
  • Support, assistance and advice on compliance with prescribed medication, and any necessary
  • therapies or programmes required to improve the Person’s health and well being , and protect them from harm or risk wherever practicable.
  • Support plans will be inclusive of assistance required  with Self / Personal Care, Daily Living practical skills as necessary. 
  • Provision and accessibility of written records by the Care Team  to Supervising Professionals and Statutory Agencies.
  • Delegated Healthcare tasks as outlined in the Person’s Care Plan .
  • Any deterioration in Physical or Mental Health need will be fully supported by Inspired Care  Staff Team.

Contact  The Inspired Team:

Email : andreafox@inspiredcareltd.co.uk

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Telephone :  0191 338 5900